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Energy-saving storage water heater in a slim profile

December 14, 2017

Ariston’s Andris series of water heater has been equipped with cutting-edge technology and super ecologic insulation materials that sustain an energy- efficient water inlet flow and enhances durability.

Slim and easy-to- operate, the Ariston’s Andris SL20 is the perfect storage water heater for stylish bathrooms.

Water heaters have an ingenious design on the inside for something that looks so ordinary on the outside. The job of the electric tank water heater is to heat the water and store it till it is ready for use, most commonly in the shower. In addition to the heating system, every tank is equipped with insulation to help keep the water warm between heating cycles.

Most tanks are made of steel, which is glass lined on the inside to help prevent corrosion. In fact, corrosion is the primary reason that tanks fail in Singapore. Due to our humid environment, the metal is prone to rust. Once corrosion sets in, temporary fixes are possible but eventually, the tank must be replaced.

Since water is constantly heated, energy can be wasted, even when you are not using the water. Gone are the days of bulky tanks making its presence obtrusively felt in an otherwise well designed bathrooms. Experts in thermic comfort and energy efficiency, Ariston Thermo group, has yet another innovative and eco-friendly addition for the modern condominium and flat. The Andris series of water heater has been introduced as the slimmest water heater design in Singapore with excellent energy-saving performances.

With 85 years of history in the industry under their belt, Ariston continues to meet its high standards of safety with its Total Safety System certification. The use of a copper heating element, a recyclable material, ensures further hygienic water output with its antimicrobial effect. Energy is conserved better through the super-ecologic insulation materials and improved titanium-enamel tank, which also resists corrosion and enhances durability. The wall-hung electronic water heater will also be fitted with Flexomix, Ariston’s cutting-edge technology, sustaining an energy-efficient water inlet flow.

From the drawing boards of Italian designer Umberto Palermo, the design of the Andris series has been perfected for the bathroom. Its minimalistic face has easy-to-read indicators, while a knob allows the flexible regulating of temperature. In comparison to the outdated designs of conventional water heaters, the Andris SL20’s slim yet modern front yearns to be on display in stylish bathrooms.

Ariston Thermo, www.ariston.com.sg

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