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Deciphering the winds of change is a tricky business. Of course, one of the most stylish ways to spruce up your space is by embracing some of the design world's hottest trends. To kickstart some inspiration, Jean Leong, Head of Marketing at Goodrich Global shares which trends will make it big this year.

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"Going naturel with terrazzo tiles crafted out of coconut husks and naturally coloured dyes can look fantastic on your walls for a Mediterranean feel."

Jean Leong, Head of Marketing Goodrich Global

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The Omexco Koroseal wallcovering adds both colour and texture, a striking combination for a sophisticated ambience.

In Living Colour

Move over minimalist home décor, this year more is more. The days of the stark, modern look is over to make way for sensibility of excess and textural overload. According to Leong, we should expect to see this style surge this year.

"For wallcoverings and wallpapers, we are seeing refreshing colours like warm hues becoming the new black and neutrals. Coral hues in shades of orange and burnt browns in play with textures like embossing of patterns," says Leong. "I'm always thrilled when my clients are on board with this design journey, being brave and creative. At the end of the day, the spaces are timeless, fabulous and created just for them."

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The Omexco Koroseal in bold turmeric is also texturized, suitable for a statement wall in hallways and open plan living spaces.

Boldly Patterned

Simple, clean and white may be popular. But bold geometrics are making a comeback in, making fun and functional accents huge in 2019. Hexagons for one is the go to pattern.

"Terrazzo tiles inspired wallcoverings are also available in hexagon shapes in shades of light lavender, grey, midnight blues."

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Dimensions by Edward van Vliet, BN Walls, allows the hexagon pattern into the living spaces as wallcovering in a pattern mix with nature motifs and hues.

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In the kitchen the hexagon pattern in Dimensions by Edward van Vliet, BN Walls, take on a monochromatic tone with a single hue for a graphic edge.

Nature Calls

Nature inspired materials like jute, rice paper and stone is making their presence felt. These grounding elements in homes offer a way for one to feel more in touch with the earth and one's roots.

While terrazzo is big this year, the vintage stone can be tricky to administer in the house. Consider terrazzo tile motif used on wallpaper and carpets. It is a trend from the past that is coming back with a modern twist.


Not enough colour? The Elitis, Trancoso series allows a multitude of warm hues in small doses to complement each other into a lively statement wall.

Go for Gold

Mixing of metals will continue to take precedence, by way of mixing and layering of textured materials. A variety of textures help add depth and contrast, creating a multi-dimensional room. Rich upholstery materials like velvet are a great addition to a mix of highlights from brass, iron, and gold-plated metals.

An ensemble of two to three metal accents used throughout a room is chic, and will always be a timeless and tasteful way to create balance and definition in an environment.

"Going bold with the walls, one will see the combination of dark browns alongside with gold metallic strokes for a mural look."

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The Elitis Cocoshells tiles offer a subtle option to add some shine into your favourite space in a variety of colour options.


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