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Why wood -look tiles are a practical and stylish alternative to real timber

February 13, 2018

Imitation has been known to be a form of flattery but tiles have gone a step further. With the limitations of placing real timber around and about a home, wood-look tiles area growing to surpass the original with its practicality, while not displacing style.

Aspire for more within your living spaces with these hassle-free lookalikes- the installation of wood-look surroundings is increasingly accessible, unlocking realms towards more design possibilities.

living room

natural ambience

Reinterpreting its distinctive traits, Refin Trail transfer the visual and tactile sensation of warm, natural wood into porcelain stoneware. Elegant and balanced graphics were developed to create unique and suggestive atmosphere in living spaces, answering the need of those who love the warmth of wood, only made immutable thanks to the excellent properties of porcelain stoneware. Enquire at Rice Fields.

geometric play

From a chic comtemporary feel to timeless elegance, the Venus Ceramica presents the classic Checron pattern. An interesting play of both printed surface patterns and installation, homeowners are encouraged to explore various creative installation methods, achieving different decorative results. Enquire at Hafary.



Untreated wooden planks, following years of light exposure reveal unique, non-uniform veining caused by weathering. This provided the inspiration for the Ergon Woodtalk, a modern and hard-wearing incarnation, created from hi-tech porcelain stoneware. Enquire at Rice Fields.


scandinavian principles

Inspired by the principles of Scandinavian design, Mirage Allways is a new entry in wood-look flooring which sees the amalgamation of purity, minimalism and functionality. Great for kitchen as it is finished with a water glaze or planed effect. Enquire at Rice Fields.

cabin chic

Bring the ourdoors into the kitchen with the Cotto d’Ester`s Cadore range which lends a quaint and stylish vibe. The durable porcelain tiles when installed display varying hues of an aged timber and charming in its irregularity. Enquire at Hafary.


against the grain

Invoke the warmth sense of wood in the bathroom with Mirage Allways tiles. The wood-look flooring is finished with a water glaze effect. Choose a lighter palette for a clean and unfussy Scandi-chic vibes. Enquire at Rice Fields.

subtle shading

Characterised by natural veining and subtle shade-on-shade colour variations, Atlas Concorde’s Bord rustic shade is ideal for a hotel inpired bathroom. Its subtlety lends added aesthetic verve to its surroundings. Enquire at Hafary.

timber love

The Dolomites mountainous region of north-eartern Italy served as direct inspiration for Cotto d’Este`s Cadore range. Available in varying hues, these high-strength porcelain wood-look cature the essence of the Dolomites, fusing the great outdoors with practicality. Produced with Microban® antibacterial technology for added security and peace of mind. Enquire at Hafary.

bold bathroom

Daring applications of wood-look tiles to achieve aesthetic uniformity.

01: The master bedroom is clean cut and minimalist, complemented by natural vibe courtesy of the wood-look tiles here.
02: Not compromising on design alignments, the wood-look tiles are fearlessly implemented to pervade a unique hotel luxe feel in this master bathroom.
03: Water resistant and durable, the tiles realise the intrepid design scheme, while leaving the homeowners with peace of mind due to minimal maintenance.
Profile Shot: Ben Teo, Founder, Mr. Shopper Studio.

When called upon to design a master bedroom space for the home owners of a new Punggol Built-to-Order apartment, interior designer Ben Teo attempted to take a path less travelled. The Bedroom featured a minimalist, clean-lined direction. To accentuate the fittings, he floored the room with natural flavour in the form of wood-look tiles, but did not stop there.
Inspired by hotel exclusivities, Ben convinced the homeowners to allow him the continuous usage of said wood-look tiles within the master bathroom space, expressing the fullest luxury accents.
Constructing a divider wall, both the vanity and shower spaces were overlaid with wood-look replications, creating a luxe uniformity within the entirety of the master bedroom space. Best of all, Ben Teo’s upstart design firm, Mr. Shopper Studio, can count themselves among the trendsetters of this daring new application.

I wanted to realise my fullest hotel influences; the wood-look applications in the master bathroom turned it into a classy, handsome and bold spot in the home.

Ben Teo, Founder, Mr. Shopper Studio.


Embark on your journey towards new wood-like tiles applications, especially with these handy titbits of advice to sed you on your way. We tap the brains of the personnel behind Rice Fields and Hafary, Accumulationg these cannot-miss directives.

Why Wood-look?
– Real timber wears and tears easily; timber tiles feature added durability, leaving them more resistant to the elements of the weather due to its manufacturing technology.
– Due to its water resistance, wood-look tiles can be used anywhere, including bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and outdoor spaces. they are also great for usage in public spaces and establishments, and even as part of the façades of homes and hotels.
– Advanced technology has left consumers spoilt for choice. There is an unlimited selection of colours, unlike natural materials, tiles come in many sizes, also available in large formats so that there are lesser visible grout lines, giving off a seamless appeal.
– Many natural habitats are destroyed in the process of cutting down numerous trees, whereas manufactured wood-look tiles are envionmentally friendly.

– Obtaining natural materials can prove to be extremely expensive. Tiles are substantially more affordable and akin to natural material like timber in terms of look, texture and species.
– Hafary retails their tiles per square feet, ranging from SGD 3.50/psf to SGD 15/psf.

How is it used?
– Simply adorn your desired living spaces with these tiles. They are easily implemented by contractors and can be used from floor to wall, or on either space.
– A style hack would be to apply these tiles on kitchen backsplashes, allowing a classy, natural look.

Maintenance and care
– For routine cleaning, wiping using a cloth doused with warm water or with specific commercial tile cleaners is adequate. Avoid acidic cleaners, as these may leave scratches or reduce the shine of tiles with glossier surfaces. After using tile cleaners, rinse thoroughly with clean warm water to remove leftover residue.
– Additional sanding or refinishing is unnecessary, as tiles are not susceptible to staining, nor do they receive etch marks easily.
– Regular dry mopping is necessary only once weekly, unless there is significantly heavier traffic in your tiled spaces. Remember to change the water frequently while mopping so as to avoid spreading unclean water on your surfaces. Always ensure that sand and dust are swept away gently before commencing on mopping.
– Textured tile surfaces may trap dirt in its deeper indentations. Mild scrubbing with a soft brush or an electric polish will be required more often as compared to less indented surfaces.

Italian Sensations
Quality Italian tiles are known to be the most hardy and durable of the lot; selecting them avoids having to constantly replace them. Asian tiles tend to repeat prints and patterns, while Italian tiles are the opposite. Each tile features natural variations, leaving no two tiles alike- unique and one of a kind.

Homogenous Homecoming
Homogeneous (porcelain) wood-look tiles are much tougher, as they are subjected to firing temperatures that exceed 100-degree centigrade. This ensures toughness, strength and water-tightness of the tile. These homogeneous tiles have very tiny open pores, disallowing water to seep through.

The master bedroom is clean cut and minimalist, complemented by “right side image” natural vibe courtesy of the wood-look tiles here

Not compromising on design alignments, the wood-look tiles are fearlessly implemented to pervade a unique hotel luxe feel in this master bathroom. 

Water resistant and durable, the tiles realise the intrepid design scheme, while leaving homeowners with peace of mind due to minimal maintenance.

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