True Blue

The colour of the sea and sky never gets old. Famously calming and welcoming, blue is one of those colours that screams bold yet classically comforting. But accessible does not have to be boring. From nautical to regal, eclectic or sleek, let these blue infused spaces inspire you to shake things up at home.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Alex Jeffries, Amy Barkow, Michael Muraz, Stéphane Brügger.

August 15, 2019

MAGAZINE 149 P1_Inside-Altamount-Residence-by-Hirsch-Bedner-Associates-34 (21)

Artistic Impressions

An artwork in striking indigo blue makes a grand entrance to hallways. Inside, a wallcovering a lighter shade of blue with fine gold highlights sets a calmer tone. Interior design by Hirsch Bedner Associates.

MAGAZINE 149 P2_Inside-Altamount-Residence-by-Hirsch-Bedner-Associates-34 (19)

Blue on Blue

A gold infused wallcovering in cyan blue adds colour, texture and lends stately appeal to this dining room. A plush carpet marks the table while brass trimmings on dinnerware and furniture tie the palette together and transforms the room into a jewel-like setting. Interior design by Hirsch Bedner Associates.

MAGAZINE 149 P3_BFDO Park Slope 47135

Colour Blocking

Having only one wall in an inky blue draws the attention to the casual dining spot, promising a cosy experience. Crisp white walls and bare wooden floor make contemporary pairings to the bold wall.  Interior design by BFDO Architects. Photography by Amy Barkow.

MAGAZINE 149 P6_SID LEE V125_43258

A Bold Graphic Print Relaxes the Vibes

A stunning graphic resembling a sunray, hits of icy blue and a regal statement wall in navy presents an artful aesthetic that promises fun and excitement. Interior design of this WOW Suites at the W Montréal is by Sid Lee Architecture. Photography by Stéphane Brügger.

MAGAZINE 149 P4_ASKDECO One Oak 38707

Impactful Small Doses

An eye-catching artwork and chair in an electric blue can make a big statement in small doses, in this grey themed living room. Then, tie the palette together by choosing an artisanal carpet carrying varying shades of blue to offset the polished aesthetics. Interior design by Askdeco. Photography by Alex Jeffries.

MAGAZINE 149 P5_JILL GREAVES DESIGN Walper Hotel Photo Michael Muraz 48386

Denim Pairings with All-white Surfaces

Give traditional features like wall mouldings an update with a pair of loungers in cool denim as seen here in the lobby at Walper Hotel. Shift the blue spectrum into a vibrant tone as carpeting and an artistic impression on a clean white wall. Interior design by Jill Greaves. Photography by Michael Muraz.

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