Under Cover

3-Dimensional Wall Tile

August 1, 2019

Gone are the days when tiles are flat and unassuming. A creative wall covering option, Signal Tiles is a celebration of graphic shapes; the tiles can form triangles, circles or squares; or a playful mix of something in-between.

A collaboration between Clayhaus Modern Tile and Portland-based designer, Kristine Morich, the range of six individual tiles beg you to be playful and personalise your walls in continuous repeats or combined to create unique patterns.

Wall covering as a vehicle of personal expression was the driving concept for the collection. The ultimate goal was to create dimensional shapes that would act as a toolbox for anyone to compose their own bespoke pattern. Signal reinforces and expands the modularity of tile with its six tile designs.  Most decorative tile can be limiting in terms of adapting a pattern to the scale of a space, however, the Signal collection can create both small and large format motifs.

Morich is inspired by how pattern can enhance or alter a feeling of space within an interior. The combination of line, composition and color can help to create a sense of movement and space. This marriage of process, materials, and graphic design is very important for all of her products, which perfectly aligns with the Clayhaus philosophy.


Radius Pattern Lifestyle


Combination Pattern Lifestyle


Bias Pattern


Radius Patter

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