Capturing Luxe and Timelessness In a Duplex Penthouse

Text by : Darren Ng

Photograph by : N.D Photography

LATEST T3 P1 V121 HF ElementsID

Designer pendant lights in varying heights control the double-height headspace and challenge proportions.

LATEST T3 P2 V121 HF ElementsID

Half the living area has been designated as a television viewing area. A portion of the wall was transformed into a full-height television bench.

LATEST T3 P3 V121 HF ElementsID

Bay windows and glass sliding doors offer brilliant views from the 18th floor.


LATEST T3 P4 V121 HF ElementsID

A side table has been added onto the structure of the bay window.

LATEST T3 P5 V121 HF ElementsID

The homeowner can work from the study table which has been added onto the bay window structure.

LATEST T3 P6 V121 HF ElementsID

Mirrors are used to great effect in the master bedroom alongside luxe materials like bronze and brass.

LATEST T3 P7 V121 HF ElementsID

The private domain is all about living luxuriously. Sliding doors lead from the bedroom to a roof terrace with a jacuzzi.

LATEST T3 P8 V121 HF ElementsID

Accent textured wallpaper from Goodrich add visual interest and complexity to the bedroom.

LATEST T3 P9 V121 HF ElementsID

The spacious walk-in wardrobe conceals an entire collection of fashion accessories and designer wear behind mirrored doors

The merits of purchasing a new home can undoubtedly be found in the fresh new look that comes with the initial design facelift. With the right designer who is equipped with the tools in space planning and ambience setting, a home straight from the developers can be revolutionised into a stunning place of living for years to come - not discounting the work of the developers, the design team of the Elements ID set out to work a transformative plan for the 2-bedroom penthouse at the Peak @ Cairnhill II.

Despite the size of the apartment totaling to around 1500 square foot, space is indeed in short supply after luxurious stretches of space had been dedicated to a balcony, courtyard and roof terrace. With a reduction in space, the design team moved to allay the owner's primary concerns for storage space within the apartment with the careful planning of space and redirecting of focus onto details and texture.

Spearheaded by founding director Victor Ng and senior designer Estee Aw, the redesign starts in the roomy living hall defined by a double-height headspace. From the ceiling, designer pendant lighting in varying heights had been installed, dousing the place in a refined glow with contrasting dimensions. By opting for a modern luxurious ambience paired with warm hues and accents ahead of trendy themes like Balinese and Scandinavian styles, the design team create designs that are lasting in nature.

Towards the rear, a surface had been reintroduced as a feature wall decorated with textured wallpaper showing off a snazzy gloss finish. To make the most out of the wall space, a portion of the wall was transformed into a full-height television bench with the inventive use of black metal rod inserts and up lighting. Keeping to the line of vision, an L-shaped sofa was specially customised to accommodate the family on one side of the hall without cutting into the high movement areas, while an ergonomically rounded coffee table holds vials of liquor within the tight space. On certain days when hosting duties calls for a larger space, the homeowner can proceed to extend the living area by pulling open the zip-track curtains and parting aside the shutters with a slide-and-fold mechanism.

Beyond the social activities on the first floor, the second floor is earmarked as a cosy sanctuary where stress and distractions are kept at bay. In the master bedroom, there is an overemphasis on mood setting with warm shades of grey and brown paving the way for a snug feel. To maintain the modern luxe concept, brass accent inserts, a bronze mirror and brass finished wall lights pump up the posh for an overall modern opulence ambience. For anyone who takes in a peek into the bedroom, chances are their eyes would be drawn to the accent textured wallpaper from Goodrich. To unite the interiors together, Aw set out to unit the theme of cosiness and warmth by custom-creating a bedframe with built-in side tables flanking an oversized upholstered headboard.

Getting dressed for work will be a breeze in the morning as the homeowner could pick and choose outfits from the spacious walk-in wardrobe with glass mirrors encasing the doors. A dressing table positioned smartly in the walkway leading from the dressing area to the toilet, offers the perfect in-between to apply make up for the day or get into their nightly wind-down routines.

The main aim for the second bedroom was to encapsulate the wondrous views from the 18th floor and keep the room light and breezy. In the bedroom, windows and glass panels define the theme of the room. On clear mornings, light streams into the room functioning as a natural alarm clock. To control the narrative between light and shadow, heavy curtains and rolling blinds are available options in addition to the cove lighting and chic wall sconces.

The other end of the bedroom takes on a different personality for when it is time to get down to business. Over a bay window, the design team had added a built-in writing table with additional storage to the structure to build on the efficient use of space. On the wall, an open shelf display, constructed with metal hanging rods, proudly exhibit little mementos and photo frames.

In the safe hands of lead designer Victor Ng and senior designer Estee Aw, the full potential of the duplex penthouse was unearthed without sacrificing the personal touch and identity, while appealing to the senses and retaining a degree of timelessness. Although it took a couple of weeks to furnish the home, the unveiling of the dream home was ultimately worth the wait.

Elements ID Consultants, www.elementsid.com.sg