Unifying unorthodox spaces with simplicity and style
Photography by: Borxu


Geometric volumes form play with boundaries between various spaces of the living room


The double-height dining space on one side which serves as a secondary axis along its key circulation route leading to the living room and kitchen


A small powder room is enclosed in a free-standing volume near the front entrance separating the house's mudroom from the adjacent den area


Sleek, contemporary custom-made kitchen fixtures create a clean and sanitary environment


Passing under this wooden ceiling feature is the second floor's bridge corridor - fitted with a long black light track that visually enhances the linearity of the path


Skylight that allows natural light to floods the dining area and diffuse into other rooms on the second storey


Flexible family room which carries on to a small wooden patio

In true minimalist fashion, one cannot help but be overwhelmed by the wonderful sense of space as one enters the living space of the home. There is a perfect sense of proportion and scale in the manner in which the furniture was selected and arranged, as if made to fit into a jigsaw puzzle, creating a placid peacefulness that seems to permeate the dwelling.

rzlbd prides itself in unorthodox projects and its ability to adapting itself to the project and its context. They was tasked to create a trendy, turnkey house in an estate dominiated by more conventional architecture and came up with this unique architectural miracle that employs space in the most unexpected of ways.

rzlbd intended to communicate symbolic dividing lines through varying ceiling heights - the linked first-floor kitchen and dining room are double-height spaces, whilst the residence's more intimate back bedrooms led across the hallway occupy a single-storey height. To reconcile the quirky constructural uncommonness of this unit, a uniformed design of white and wood was applied across all rooms as the unifying theme.

The unobtrusive, square, round-edged dining table is tucked discreetly on the right side of the room, and can seat five people. Light from the second level floods this space, further brightened by the side glass window that provides ample light which bounces off the white-washed walls of the interior.

As the eye is led towards the single-storey space of the living room, one senses a harmonious agreement with the parallel lines of the modular divan, bench re-purposed as coffee-table and drawers. This sense of consistency is highlighted by their similarity in off-white earth tones, and approximate size, giving one a comforting sense of spaciousness. There are no hanging lights or unnecessary elements to distract one from the view of the neighborhood from the large window where natural light floods from.

Across the dining room is the kitchen area where knotty cedar slats surround the side walls and ceiling above, creating warmth, whilst the two skylights that top this atrium enhances its sense of grandiosity. A recurring theme of the whole residence is its penchant for polished, unfettered furniture, with the exception of a few tiny potted plants and mini decorative accessories that render a personal touch to an otherwise sterile and uncluttered atmosphere.

On the second level lies rooms which reflect a similar sense of expanse and simplicity. A customized L-shape desk is fixed into the wall of a small study, whilst two alcoves, made potentially for books and décor but currently remain unfettered by distractable noise. The room is clean and creates a sense of pure peace - perfect for  uninterrupted periods of work or reading.

There is a flexible family room replete with a black fireplace and a jolt of red, which also contributes to the sense of warmth of the dwelling and creates contrast to the whiteness that encompasses the house. Similar slats of a darker shade serve as blinds which lead the viewers to a small wooden patio built atop the existing garage.

The result of the project is a warm, soothing house with interesting architectural qualities which add style and character reflexive of its modern, contemporary, simplicity-loving homeowners.