VIBES: IFI World Interiors Day

It is IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID). The theme is Designing Spaces, Changing Lives The event takes an upbeat note with a packed audience.

May 25, 2019

Society of Interior Designers-Singapore (SID-S)

Presenting IFI World Interiors Day

25 May 2019

The Designers Gallery, Oxley BizHub

It is IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID). The theme is Designing Spaces, Changing Lives The event takes an upbeat note with a packed audience. Over 100 participants consisting of interior designers, architects, design students and industry players and professionals in related deign industry come together to celebrate WID. As a media partner of SID-S, DCRS-Decorations is proud to bring you an exclusive coverage of the event.

Firstly, the opening addresses from the Guest of Honour Mr Larry Ng PPA(P) and Mr Keat Ong, President for SID-S.

Guest of Honor Mr Larry Ng Lye Hock PPA(P), Registrar Board of Architects

A warm speech outlining the importance of World Interiors Day. Click here

Mr Keat Ong, President for SID-S

Keat’s opening address sums it all up. The question is no longer “why do interior designers need to join SID-S?” Now, it is, “Why not?” SID-S is a platform to nurture the talents of interior designers in Singapore with many of its programmes in place.  He also emphasized that SID-S is in the midst of working out to have interior designers accredited for their profession. This scrutiny of the profession will ensure the practice of interior design meets the required quality standards recognized at a professional level.  Keat also spoke of SIDE, a new programme to “export” our Singapore talents to China.

The Invited Speakers

The 4 Speakers, Mr Oscar Wezenbeek. Akzol Nobel, Mr Jackie Lai, Copper Design Associates, Mr Tung Ching Yew, Spirit of Design Analogy (soda) and  Mr Jack Liew, Ensemble Studio.We highlight the contents for the speakers.

Mr Jackie Lai, Design Entrepreneur for Copper Design Associates

Jackie started by telling the audience why it pays to be an interior designer, citing himself as a role model who has a rich and rewarding experience. He elaborated on a recent project which is a four-week-long restaurant pop-up in the form of Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura fine dining at The Arts House at The Old Parliament. He gave details on the transformation of the space into a version of the Gucci Garden emphasizing that the bookings of the dining delicacy were sold out 2 weeks before the opening. The Dècor comprises of the brand’s multi-conceWares from Gucci Dècor, including their botanical Herbarium crockery, decorating the Renaissance-styled dining area and table settings. The project was completed in 2 weeks.

Mr Tung Ching Yew, Managing Director for Sprit of Design Analogy

To engage the audience, Ching Yew gave a touch point on what soda is and its winning strategies. The audience was in awe at the list of awards and accolades spanned over a few slides. He enlightened us on the 5 Languages of Design illustrating the old approach in contrast with the new. What the 5 Languages of Design used to be are 1) Thematic, 2) Patterns, 3) Light & Shadows, 4) Colour &Textures and 5) Ornaments . And now 1) Narrative – storytelling with spaces 2) Emotive—induce emotions in spaces 3) Empathetic—create a participatory process 4) exploration—imaginary journey in spaces and 5) Belief—transposing a belief/culture in spaces. He went on to showcase winning project NAFA Arts Preschool to illustrate SODA’s vision as “Design Culturepreneur”.

  • Villa 9 – a contemporary villa with subtle local influences, fostering a connection with nature.
  • Xian Rose Clubhouse – a brief for it to be the mediative entrance portal of the luxurious Xian Rose Garden Villa development .
  • Qujiang International School – where the curriculum, spaces, tools, roles, infrastructure all offer an immense opportunity for design to make a difference, likened to that of a third teacher.
SID-S Council members 2018 – 2020.
From left Rajesh Shah from Raj Shah Associates, Eric Ong from ISH Interior Design Holdings and James Pilande from Arid Builders
From left Lau Chun Hoong, ORB Associates and Keat Ong, President for SID-S
From left Lau Chun Hoong, ORB Associates and Keat Ong, President for SID-S
From Left Windy Santosa and Lim Toon Eng, AkzoNobel
Shannon Quek, AkzoNobel

Mr Jack Liew, Founder of Ensemble Studio

Jack delivers a wholesome content on his projects, articulating details on concepts and execution. An insightful sharing of his professional experience on clients – designers dynamics. Jack’s constant motivation as an educator and designer is to draw a balance between the intuitive and the methodical. To him, the key to great designs is to always set aside time for creativity free of expectations and the trap of the “final product”. Three projects in Qujiang, China were being presented. They are:

Mr Oscar Wezenbeek. Managing Director for Akzol Nobel

It is about the technology of paint and how knowledge of it can help the designers to better serve their clients. One of the highlight was that paint is no longer just for beautifying and protecting an interior. Paint has many functions. One of which is that it can be green by applying exterior wall paints that reflect more infrared light to reduce heat absorption and reduce energy consumption. With this technology, an average house can save up to 15 percent on energy. The exterior paint reflects sun and infrared radiation by as much as 90 percent of other similar paints, which allows less heat to be transferred to the building interior, and in turn requiring less energy to cool the building.

Panel Discussion

Topic: “Designing Spaces. Changing Lives”. Here are excerpts, lively sharing from the some of the speakers.

Together with main text for Panel forum

Mr Eric Ong, Director for ISH Interior Design Holdings Pte Ltd

He is an advocate for doing a job with passion. For example as his passion is in “food”, he excel in designing f&b outlets and in the hospitality trade. Once you are directed by your passion, it is the experience that makes you do an excellent job out of your passion in designing.Click here to read more

Ms Kat Tan, Director for D Editors Pte Ltd

A client whose mahjong playing habit was eliminated when Kat designed a sleek Home Entertainment Facility at Home as the mahjong playing activity wasn’t suitable at the client’s new apartment.Click here to read more

Mr Jackie Lai, Design Entrepreneur for Copper Design Associates Pte Ltd

Jackie spoke of a meaningful project which he designs a mobile library in Afganistan. In a war torn area, this design was impactful and changes lives there.Click here to read more

Mr Cris Cheng, Design Director for Idee Etcetera Pte Ltd

Cris spoke of “modular design” which is best suited for Singapore where space is expensive with many code of practices from various government bodies. Tanjong Pagar GRC’s project which a container is converted into a communal space where people meet to share and bond with each other is an example of design impacting lives.Click here to read more

Ms Constann Ann, Honorary Advisor for SID-s and IFI Ambassador

Constann elaborates on the importance of IFI World Interiors Day (WID) . All across the world, on the last week of May annually, the world celebrates IFI World Interiors Day. To understand WID, we need to go back in time to under the IFI Declaration.

Together wuth main text Constann
Picture 6

Angela Tan, AkzoNobel

Picture 7

From Left Cris Cheng from Idee Etcetera and Song Yong How, Tanjong Pagar – Tiong Bahru CCC.

General 17

Warm reception. Liu Yue from SID-S Student Chapter (left) and Joy Lai from SIDS Secretariat. Official magazines, DCRS Yearbook and Singapore Interior Designers Showcase magazines are door gifts at WID

Picture 9

Keat Ong, President for SID-S presenting a bouquet in appreciation to Constann Ann, Honorary Advisor for SID-S IFI Ambassador. Right: Raj Shah, Honorary Advisor for SID-S, Moderator as well as MC for WID

Picture 10

Group Picture at the end of the event.

Picture 12

The students

Picture 13

Jimmy Tong from Luxx Newhouse Group receiving a certificate of appreciation from Constann Ann, SID-S

Picture 14

Ben from MM Galleri receiving a certificate of appreciation from Keat Ong, SID-S

Captured moments

The joy of sharing and giving at WID!

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About IFI

It is IFI World Interiors Day (IFI WID). It is important to understand International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers – IFI and the significant role it plays. IFI requires participating cities to adopt the Interiors Declaration. The IFI Interiors Declaration is a unique and historic consensus-based statement formulated through the input of leading experts and design authorities from 88 countries, following a global symposium convened by IFI in February 2011 in New York. This essential document identifies the core essence of the interiors discipline and its impact on humanity in all of its functions.”As the built environment is fundamental for human and experience, through the IFI Interiors Declaration, we honor the importance and value of Interior Architecture/Design to improve the daily lives of all people worldwide. The Declaration outlines clear ideas and goals which shape and affect the fundamental understanding of our practice, its education and research, and the outcomes required of our built environment in support of humanity, society and culture.Having 124 cities (data from year 2016) adopt the IFI Interiors Declaration is to the extraordinary benefit of not only our profession but all of society as a whole, for when a city adopts the Declaration:

  • The Interiors profession secures legitimacy by being publicly recognized and highlighted by government officials
  • The municipality joins a world-class list of progressive cities leading the way in making a commitment to the well-being of its citizens by Design
  • National professional associations gain leverage at a policy-making level by being officially acknowledged by local authorities
  • A legacy foundation is laid at the civic level for the Interiors profession upon which future generations can continue to build
  • Interior Architecture/Design is honored and celebrated for the fundamental relevance it has in people’s daily lives.”

“When a city or nation adopts the IFI Interiors Declaration, the city government puts forward a progressive approach to economic and social development through design policy and furthering its commitment to increasing the life-quality of its citizens.” Constance Ann, former IFI Board Member/Treasurer 2006 -2011 and IFI Regional Advisor SID Singapore.

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