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Keeping Groovy with Promising Artists Under 40

December 14, 2017

Korean artist Kang Jun Young starts a conversation about family, love and memories by constructing art pieces that showcases his inner discussions about family. In Kang’s The first duty of love is to listen. , his thoughts are transcribed in maps and graphs with gold luster painted on ceramic pottery.

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With a strong curation, the exhibition featured contemporary artwork from established galleries across Asia including FOST, Gajah Gallery, Ikkan Art Gallery, Pearl Lam Galleries and STPI. As part of its focus for a vibrant and inclusive art scene in Singapore and Asia, the pop-up will shine their spotlight on promising artists under 40. Some of the names include Ren Ri, Agan Harahap, Kang Jun Young and Teppei Kaneuji.

Kang Jun Young is a name that has been frequently regurgitated for his scribble- like drawings on pottery or canvas. Influenced by hip-hop music and street culture from his teenager days in Canada, the 38-year- old Korean artist is able to express a theme of family, love and memories by retaining that freedom of expression and showcasing a full range of emotions. Teppei Kaneuji is another artist influenced by a preoccupation with pop culture and a love for combining diverging themes. In Games, Dance and the Constructions #3, the Japanese artist plays with two and three-dimensional works in different colour, shape and form in a collage that was influenced by the shape, colors and spaces of Haw Par Villa.

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